Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vadai Curry

This is a typical South Indian dish which goes well with Idly or Dosa.

This you can make either with some leftover masal vadai or you can prepare it just for the sake of doing this dish.I made the batter a little extra  when I made Masal vadai and stored it in the freezer.We can either deep fry this even shallow fry is okay as we are going to saute this again with the masala.


To make the Vadai....
Toor dhal---------------------1/2 cup
Channa dhal------------------1 cup
Urid dhal---------------------1/2 cup
Puffed gram dhal--------------1/2 cup(puttani or chutney dhal)
Green chilly------------------- 4
Red chilly---------------------2
Saunf or fennel seeds----------1 tbsp
Onions-------------------------2 finely chopped
Curry leaves--------------------1 sprig
Oil for frying

Soak all the dhals together except chutney dhal for half an hour.Drain the water and grind it coarsly with the chilly and saunf.Add salt and the dry chutney dhal and grind again.Add the onion. Make sure the batter is thick and coarse.
Make small balls and either deep fry or shallow fry and keep it aside.

For the masala.....
Onions--------------------------2 medium sized  Finely chopped
Tomato-------------------------3 medium sized Finely chopped
Green chilly---------------------2 cut into half
Chilly powder------------------1 tsp
Turmeric powder---------------1/2 tsp
Garam masala------------------1 tsp
Oil-----------------------------2 tbsp
Mustard seeds----------------- 1 tsp
Curry leaves--------------------1 sprig
Saunf or fennel seeds-----------1 tsp

Coriander leaves--------------- for garnishing

Cloves cinnamon, cardamom----each a liberal pinch if it is in powder form.Or add it as a whole masala.
I always prefer to add it in the powder for which comes very handy while preparing masalas.I call it the magic powders:)

Heat oil in a non stick pan or Kadai and add the mustard seeds and once it starts to crackle add the fennel seeds and add the onion immediately.Add turmeric powder.Chilly powder and salt.Saute this for 2 minutes and then add the finely chopped tomatoes.Saute well.In the meanwhile crush the vadas and keep it ready.
Once the onion and tomato are cooked well add the garam masala and the magic powder and saute this for 2 more minutes.Now add the crushed masala vadas and add one tumbler of water and mix well.You can even add  half a cup of coconut milk.This will make the curry rich.Add the required amount of water to make it a gravy and cook for 5 to 7 minutes.Switch off the flame and add coriander leaves.And it is ready to serve.

Today I made the vadas in the Kuzipaniyarm Chatti(look the picture)

Enjoy this and let me know your opinion.

Baby corn fry

This is a really delicious starter and also a crunchy item for an evening snack.


Baby corn -----------------------As required cut into half  or quarter lengthwise
Corn flour------------------------1 cup
Maida----------------------------1 cup
Chilly powder---------------------1 tsp or as desired
Salt------------------------------- 1 tsp or as required
Plain drinking soda to make the batter.

Mix all the ingredients together and make a batter to a dosa consistency with soda.
Heat oil kadai and dip the baby corn in the batter and deep fry till it is golden brown in colour.