Monday, August 13, 2012

Mild Side Dish

 I make this for a change from the regular spicy side dishes.It is very simple to make and is very filling too.


For Grinding:
Tomato------------------------------------------1  medium size
Black Pepper------------------------------------1/2 Tsp
Cumin seeds-------------------------------------1 tsp
Ginger-------------------------------------------2" piece
Green Chilly-------------------------------------3


I was really bored of making Sambar,Rasam and curry(Poriyal) daily.So for a change I thought of making Chappati.For the side dish I made this. Without having vegetables, the meal will not be filling and  so I used Karamani to compensate it.I didn't soak this overnight.I just washed and added enough water to it in a pressure cooked it and switched off the stove after a whistle.

This Side dish can be made with Mixed vegetables,Karamani(Black eyed beans),Rajma(Red kidney beans),or just with potatoes too.The masala is the same for all.We can even make mixed vegetable rice using this masala.Instead of Karamani or Rajma we can add 1 cup of rice and  1 cup of mixed vegetables(Carrot,Beans,and Cauliflower,Green Peas and cook this in thick bottomed pan without pressure cooker too.Or else Saute' everything in a kadai and add it in the pressure and cook.But cooking in a thick bottom vessel is much tastier.While cooking it in a open vessel take care and turn it occasionally to avoid catching in the bottom.Initially close the vessel and cook.See to it that the rice does not become mushy.This Pulao is very tasty and different too.

Karamani-------------------------------------------1 cup
Onion chopped-------------------------------------2  medium size
Oil--------------------------------------------------1 Tbsp
Coriander for garnishing
Salt as required.

Add oil in a thick bottomed or non stick vessel and add the onion and saute for a minute.Add the Karamani and stir well.Add salt and close it and cook for a minute in a low flame.Now add the ground masala and add enough water.Mix well.Close and cook till all the items are cooked well.Today I added one medium sized potato(Peeled and diced).Add the coriander and serve.

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Priya Satheesh said...

Perfect for chapati n rice....Sounds delicious!