Monday, September 3, 2012

Capsicum Curry


Capsicum---------------------------------1/2 kg cut it as you please.Here I have cut it into thin slices
Chilly Powder-----------------------------1 Tsp
Salt---------------------------------------1 Tsp
Gram Flour-------------------------------2 Tbsp
Mustard----------------------------------1/2 Tsp
Oil----------------------------------------2 Tbsp
Curry leaves------------------------------1 sprig


Add the Gram flour, Chilly powder and Salt to the sliced or diced Capsicum.Mix well.Add oil in a non stick pan and when it is hot add the mustard seeds.When it starts cracking add the Capsicum mix and curry leaves.Stir it well without breaking the capsicum pieces.Cook on a low flame stirring it occasionally.When the capsicum is cooked remove it and it is ready to serve. This goes very well with our regular meals and also with Phulka.

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Leelagovind said...

simple but yummy..i have to try this soon..thanks for the recipe..