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This is a recipe given to me by my best friend.It is very very easy to make and yummy too.


Maida or All purpose flour--------------4 Cups
Unsalted Butter------------------------- 1 Cup
Cooking Soda--------------------------1/4 tsp
Salt(optional)--------------------------- 1/4 tsp or little less.
Some people add salt to enhance the taste.
Sugar----------------------------------- 3 Cups
Rose essence (optional)------------------ Few drops
Oil for frying

Measure the butter and add the cooking soda and salt in a bowl and mix it thoroughly till it becomes fluffy.
Add the flour to it little by little and mix it well.Then add little water and make a soft dough.Keep kneading it till it becomes  a soft and smooth dough.The trick lies in preparing the dough.So take care in making it.Close it and keep it aside.

Pour 1 cup water in the sugar and keep it on a low flame.Strain the sugar when it is fully dissolved, if it has any particles in it.Let it boil on low flame.

Heat oil in a kadai.Keep the stove in low flame and once the oil is ready make small balls and flatten it in your palm( as shown in the figure)and press your thumb in the middle and make a depression.Do not over heat the oil as the dough will not be cooked in the inside and more over the balls will become brown too.Drop the flattened balls one by one.(not more than 4 )It will raise and start floating.Then turn it carefully without breaking it.

The sugar syrup  must be made to a single strand consistency(Just touch the syrup from the ladle and try to stretch it between your fore finger and thumb)If it is ready then switch off the stove.Add rose essence or elachi or saffron as you wish.If you add saffron the badusha might be of a little yellow in colour but that's ok.I am posting both the pics with  and without saffron for you to get an idea of how it looks.

This is with Saffron..

This is without Saffron...

Turn the badusha in the oil again and if it is has become fluffy remove it  from the oil and put it in a strainer.Add 4 more in the oil and by then your strained pieces will be ready to be soaked in the sugar syrup.Soak it till you remove the next batch from the oil.Drain it and keep it in a plate.If you like to have a sugar crusted coating over the badusha,you have make the sugar syrup to a strong string consistency.

The sugar syrup might become thick in the process.So add a little water and again make it to the desired consistency once again.

For 1 cup you can make 8 medium sized Badusha.

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sanjay said...

Looks very yummy. Reminds me of Deepavali days at Sripuram.