Monday, October 3, 2011

Raw Banana curry

Raw banana is one of my favorite vegetable.My father loves it as bajji.This can be done in so many ways and I will give the variations in the end.The one I made is very very easy and tasty too.

Raw Banana-------------2 medium size
Peel and cut the bananas into cubes.Cook this in water with 1tsp of salt in low flame.See that it is not over cooked. If it is over cooked it will break when we saute it in Kadai.Drain and keep aside.
Oil----------------1 tbsp
Urid dhal----------1tsp
Channa dhal-------1tsp
Hing ---------------little
Salt----------------1/2 tsp
Curry powder------1tbsp
 curry leaves--------few

For the curry powder..

Urid dhal--------1/2 cup
Channa dhal------1/2 cup
Dry red chilies---1/2 cup(break the chilly and measure)
Coriander seeds----1 cup

Dry roast everything individually.Always keep in mind that the coriander seeds should not be roasted like the other ingredients.Dry grind this coarsely and store it in a air tight container.This curry powder  can be used in many dishes.

Heat oil in a kadai and put mustard seeds once it becomes hot then add  a little hing,1 tsp of Urid dhal and 1 tsp of Channa dhal.Fry till it is golden brown.Add the cooked and drained raw banana to it.As we have added salt for the banana already just add a little just enough for the curry powder.Saute this for two minutes and then add 1 tbsp of the curry powder and a few curry leaves.Saute this for another two minutes.You can add 1 tsp of grated coconut if you like.

When cooking the banana You can add 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder.Drain and keep aside.Heat oil in kadai and put mustard seed urid dhal ,channa dhal, and 3 red chilies.Then add the cooked banana and saute it.Add curry leaves and it is ready to serve.

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