Monday, October 17, 2011

Thugayal or Thuvayal

This can be called as chutney too,as one of my Telugu friend told me that they call it so.Any way,whatever way you call it it very yummy and hot too.This can be taken with rice or roti.

Puli(Tamarind) Thuvayal

Tamarind------------------------one small lemon size(make it into small pieces or soak it in little water)
Urid dhal------------------------1/4 cup
Red chilly------------------------8 to 10
Hing----------------------------1/4 inch piece
Grated coconut--------------------1/4 cup
Oil --------------------------------1 tbsp
Mustard seeds ---------------------1/4 tsp

Usually I fry the tamarind and hence I told you to make it into small pieces so as it will be easy to grind in the mixie.If you think you cannot do it in your mixer grinder you can soak it in little water which makes grinding easier.If you fry the tamarind, it will stay good for a week(in a Refrigerator).

Fry all the ingredients in oil except the coconut.Add it lastly before switching off the flame.And regarding the hing, if you use the powdered form, add it before adding the coconut and then switch off the flame.
Grind it with minimum water and the yummy dish is ready.You can add more water if you like it a little bit looser.


Priya Satheesh said...

Perfect with curd rice...Must be really tasty with tangy flavor.

Mahalakshmi said...

Thank you Priya for your comment.You are right.It goes very well with curd rice